Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Finally Done!

Well, here it is, the new kegerator. It began it's life as your basic 7.0 cubic foot white GE chest freezer. I spray painted the sides and top with appliance epoxy and the front with chalkboard paint. The collar is 2x10 douglas fir finished with stain and 4 coats of poly, 4 of the new Perlick forward seals with stainless steel shanks, and a fifth keg of root beer on the hump. I must say thanks to the Northern Brewer forum for all of the ideas over the last year or so since I started kegging and immediately started planning the upgrade, especially chriscose from the "Post pics of your kegerator" thread. If you check his out you'll see the influence. Had a big party on Saturday to properly break it in and we managed to kill 4 full kegs and 20 pounds of pulled pork. At about 11 pm I actually lifted up a primary of APA onto the collar and siphoned directly into an empty keg of IPA. That APA now has 1 ounce of Amarillo keg hops (from the other APA) and a half ounce of Simcoe and half ounce of Amarillo from the IPA.

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Bri said...

You've got a sweet set up Rich. Jenny liked it so much she started shit talking about mine, so I told her to get to work on mine and she actually starting cleaning it up so that it can be painted. Once that's done, maybe we'll move it into the living room. Haha! That was cool party btw.