Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Finally Done!

Well, here it is, the new kegerator. It began it's life as your basic 7.0 cubic foot white GE chest freezer. I spray painted the sides and top with appliance epoxy and the front with chalkboard paint. The collar is 2x10 douglas fir finished with stain and 4 coats of poly, 4 of the new Perlick forward seals with stainless steel shanks, and a fifth keg of root beer on the hump. I must say thanks to the Northern Brewer forum for all of the ideas over the last year or so since I started kegging and immediately started planning the upgrade, especially chriscose from the "Post pics of your kegerator" thread. If you check his out you'll see the influence. Had a big party on Saturday to properly break it in and we managed to kill 4 full kegs and 20 pounds of pulled pork. At about 11 pm I actually lifted up a primary of APA onto the collar and siphoned directly into an empty keg of IPA. That APA now has 1 ounce of Amarillo keg hops (from the other APA) and a half ounce of Simcoe and half ounce of Amarillo from the IPA.