Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Non-Technical Post, I Promise!

Alright, judging from the amount of responses to my last post my readers (all 2 of you) are either: not interested in starters, bored by long winded technical treatises on the finer points of yeast harvesting and propagation, or both. So, here's a short post to bring you back in the fold.

I bottled up my all-Cascade Hopburst APA last night. The sample tasted damn good, but not as hoppy as I expected, probably because I've been destroying my sense of taste by drinking too many SN Bigfoot and Bell's Hopslams lately. This APA should be a good one once it's carbed up.

Right now I am drinking the last bomber of my Summit 2IPA. I am very close to crying. All I have left of this batch is a 34 oz special reserve. I will be bringing this, plus 34ozers of my Deported Stout, Blonde Abbey, Full Monty cherry bitter, and a few Bourbon Barrel Browns and a single uncarbed bottle of the APA to the Dells this weekend for the waterpark extravaganza. See you there Bri!


SWART said...

Actually, I used the last post to help me make a starter for the ESB that I brewed last weekend ago. It was a big help. My books are so technical it was nice to have it plainly said. I am now finishing up the rest of my Winter Warmer and will be bottling the Phat Tyre this weekend and putting the ESB in the secondary. Im trying to decide what to attempt next. I am thinking of a Saison or Imperial IPA. What do you think?

Also, it was nice to hear that you guys are going to get together and sample your brews. Feeling a little left out though. How about coming to Cali for the same??? I know I ask every year but since we have another year and half here, I might as well keep asking. Otherwise, save some for me this July!

rich.tessler said...

Is your phat tyre the kit from NB? I tasted Brian's this weekend and it was really good. Nice and bready/malty with more yeast character than the real deal. If you can get the hops for a cheap price and Imperial IPA would be good, I've got some recipes if you want, otherwise saisons are good. I have a saison on my list for this spring. I'm brewing up a dubbel this weekend or next, then probably a brown ale again (I have some chocolate malt to get rid of), then a saison, wit, or tripel.

I would really like to get to Cali. I don't think this summer will happen, but maybe the next? How long will you be home in July?